Grey Bruce Holistic Referral Network Meeting Minutes – June

  • Meeting Held at CCS Village (114 Drive-In Crescent) – Owen Sound 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
  • Open the meeting with Registration – Membership fees $65, Applications/Payment for upcoming Holistic & Welness Expo
  • Members also put a business card in a bowl to win a Door Prize from our guest speaker Dr. Dorothy Roginska, DC (find her at Fascinato Clinic in Owen Sound and/or Meaford)
  • Social gathering while administration was conducted.
New Business:
  1. Welcome
  2. Update on Upcoming Expo – We have 32 booths spoken for. There are a total of 48 booths this year.  Perhaps Liz Usher/Dorothy could visit local businesses that are not registered at the show for door prize and/or booth space – ie. New salt spa downtown, CONNECT, etc. See Julie for list….  Dorothy informed us that she is not available to help out until mid July.
  3. Liz Usher – sign permit?  Tim – volunteers for flyer distribution? Signs? Still need to find out as they were not at the meeting.
  4. Please feel free to invite others to the meetings to help us grow– colleagues.
  5. Go to Facebook page: greybruceholistic or web site to keep updated with upcoming meetings and notes.  Please LIKE and SHARE the posts so that we can increase awareness about our group and Expo.
  6. Teresa asked membership to review their contact information and 25 word description on the website for verification purposes.
  7. Teresa discussed that the Vendor List for the tradeshow on the website is separate from the membership list.
  8. Teresa also discussed if you are an independent or associate of a larger company you cannot just simply state their business name it must be the legal description, eg. Teresa Timmerman, Wellness Advocate doTERRA.
  9. Please use your Membership wisely by connecting your customers to our website Member Listing so they can benefit from all the local talent available.  The more we can share our resources the better we all will be.  Perhaps we need to have a print out in our offices?  Suggestions?
    1. We also discussed getting business cards printed out so our members can hand them out to their peers and customers. This will increase awareness of our upcoming Expo and about our Network group. Teresa will design this.
    2. Facebook contest – Ideas as to what to promote so that we can increase traffic to our Facebook page.
  10. Meeting Dates are on the website: July 10, August 14, September 11, October 9, and November 13. Always at 6:30 pm. Check location as it can change
  11. Next meeting location – Georgian Shores Marina (just off 3rd Ave. W.)  Yellow-cream sided building by the docks.
  12. Those in attendance: Liz Van Loo, Hemppath; Susan Gillard, Grey Bruce Reflexology; Teresa Timmerman, DIYHealthy4u; Janet Schnurr, Soul Searching Tree; Barbara Kay, CanEva; Annette Kelsey, RMT and Independent Associate VoxxLife; Christine Lennips, It’s About You; Dorothy Roginska DC; Trina Render.
  13. Guest Speaker Dr. Dorothy Roginska, DC 10-15 minutes.
  14. 30 second presentation for each member present to discuss their business.
  15. Draw door prize winner was Christine Lennips, It’s About You.
  16. Guest Speaker for July 10 meeting – Annette Kelsey RMT and Independent Associate VoxxLife.
  17. Concluded Meeting – Social gathering after the meeting
June 12, 2019 – Meeting