A group of holistic small business owners all working together in this volunteer network to educate and provide information to each other. This allows us to be better informed of each others services and products. Then, we are then able to refer our customers too each other in hopes our customers will find the answers to their health issues.

  • We do not limit the number of each health practitioner or small business. This means we can have more than 1 Reiki practitioner, health food store, etc.
  • It is meant to be a cohesive environment where we all come together to complete the network’s goals:
    • Understand the different holistic methods/practices available to us
    • Become referral partners
    • Learn from each other
    • Support an agreed charitable foundation(s) in our community
    • Provide a public holistic health show in the Fall of every year



Definition of Holistic Medicine

Holistic Medicine is a term used to describe therapies that attempt to treat the patient as a whole person. That is, instead of treating an illness, as in orthodox allopathy, holistic medicine looks at an individual’s overall physical, mental, spiritual and emotional wellbeing before recommending treatment.



Principles of Holistic Medicine

Holistic medicine is also based on the belief that unconditional love and support is the most powerful healer and a person is ultimately responsible for his or her own health and well-being. Other principles of holistic medicine include the following:

  • All people have innate healing powers.
  • The patient is a person, not a disease.
  • Healing takes a team approach involving the patient and doctor, and addresses all aspects of a person’s life using a variety of health care practices.
  • Treatment involves fixing the cause of the condition, not just alleviating the symptoms.